Top Schools In Decatur GA

Those who’d like to escape the noise of city life often choose to settle down in the suburbs. Better schools and a quiet atmosphere can be found that might be better suited for those who are raising children. The school system matters. Your child’s education is largely dependent on the school district and the schools it contains. While all districts differ in academic programs, most of the schools in a certain state meet the minimum requirement of quality within that state. Decatur Georgia has schools that go above and beyond the many in the whole state of Georgia. It’s a fine place to send your kids. You’ll enjoy seeing what they’ll achieve. Let’s look at some of them:

Decatur High School

Decatur High School is the only high school in this suburb of Georgia. They are represented by a bulldog. Decatur High School is excellent for preparing students academically for college; however, they also have many programs that’ll help students who are more interested in entering the work force right away.

Their JROTC program is an option for those who wish to enter the military upon graduation. Certain military branches can be selective. The most selective is the U.S. Navy. Students who participate in the JROTC have a better chance of getting into selective military branches. Life skills, academic achievement and physical fitness are just a few of the components of this necessary program for all students who wish to enter certain branches of the military.

The culinary arts program trains students who wish to enter food service. They are able to get jobs as cooks in restaurants that are more high paying. Entry level jobs in the food industry can be low paying and filled with grunt work. Having some culinary training can help with getting a better job after graduation.

A program for early childhood education is available for those who want to prep for an education degree or simply want to work as a daycare teacher. This is an excellent program for those who are interested in the rewarding job of being a teacher.

Carl G. Renfroe Middle School

What makes this school unique from a lot of middle schools are the different variety of clubs your kid can belong to and attend. Some districts only carry clubs at the high school level. Students who attend Carl. G Renfroe Middle School have the opportunity to participate in clubs like these:

  • Drama Club
  • Renfroe Dance Team
  • History Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Wildlife Club
  • Yearbook Club

Part of the reason for the large selection of clubs is the mass student body. This is the only middle school in the Decatur area. If you want to send your child to public school, they will go here and the high school listed above.

Elementary Schools in Decatur GA

two elementary school children in Decatur GAThere are several elementary schools in the area. They include the Gleenwood, Clairemont, Oakhurst, Winnona Park, Westchester and Fifth Avenue Elementary. Because of the variety, students who attend elementary school in the area have access to small class sizes. Most of the elementary schools include Spanish language education. It is valuable to start children off with a decent education in a second language while they are young. The school also includes gifted services for children who excel. Art and music are offered at every elementary school.

A Place for Learning

You may be surprised when it comes to the quality of education your children will receive at these district schools. There are also some private schools if you wish to avoid putting them in public; however, the caliber of the public schools there is certainly high enough for any child to achieve.